A New Catechism for Recalcitrant Indians
Carlos Monsiváis
ISBN: 9789681678968
Precio: € 18.00
Carlos Monsiváis, escritor, ensayista, cronista y crítico literario, es una figura indispensable de la tradición literaria mexicana de la segunda mitad del siglo XX. En este libro, traducido al inglés por Jeffrey Browitt y Nidia Esperanza Castrillón, el autor demuestra un estilo lúcido y poderoso. El presente volumen es una selección de historias cortas basadas en los fundamentos del cristianismo. En él se muestra una visión crítica de las convenciones cristianas: subordinación y sumisión se enfrentan a las ideologías.

A New Catechism for Recalcitrant Indians cuestiona duramente la categorización de las ideas y el racismo que surgió cuando, como dice Monsiváis, la verdadera religión y las idolatrías nauseabundas se establecieron en México. Nos presenta el conflicto entre los indios paganos y los frailes, retratando con humor la forma en que la religión monopoliza la fe. Monsiváis ridiculiza, con brillante ironía, los abusos, las contradicciones y la hipocresía de quienes profesan los sagrados valores de la Iglesia.
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Prologue: Mending the Holes in the Net 17

Parable of the Provincial Virgin and the Cosmopolitan Virgin 33
A New Catechism for Recalcitrant Indians 34
Leave Behind All You Have 36
The Doubts of the Preacher 39
The Fable that Almost Surprised God 41
Holy Wrath is Bad Counsel 43
The Forgotten Miracle 45
The Heresy that Passed as Holy Scripture 47
On the Head of a Pin 52
The True Temptation 54
He Who doesn't Hate Symbols will Only Know Faith by Approximation 55
The Purveyance of Topics 57
The Pursuer Who Became a Precursor 60
What Else can a Poor Man do Except be Irreverent? 63
Purifying Baths 65
The Great Man and his Scribe 70
The Emperor's Witch Doctor 72
Tale of the Strange Moral that Sought a Devotional Fable 74
The Sacred Cow and the White Lie 75
The Proverb that Was a Stumbling Block for Faith 77
The Advanced Theologian and his Anachronistic Repertoire 8 0
State of Grace 82
What the Immortal Have in Common 85
An Appetite for Evangelizing 89
Avoid Traditions, if You don’t Want Them to Become Distorted 95
The Monk Who Had Freudian Presentiments 98
Trouble Comes in Pairs 100
The Debt Collector 102
How a Great Feat was Wasted 104
The Sin that was Unable to Hide its Penance 106
The Machine that Extirpated Obscene Desires 108
The Halo that Never Perched in the Right Place 111
Why I never Reached the Top of the Mountain 113
The (Theological) Mystery of the Locked Room 119
The Disobedient Prayer 125
The Pleasure of the Gods 128
Moctezuma's Treasure 130
A (Frustrated) Theory of Assassination 133
Only by Way of Proof 138
On the Difficulties of Exercising the Greatest of Gifts 141
Change the Recipe for Me 144
I Pardon You on this Condition 146
The Fable where Nothing is Relative Except the Absolute 148
The Saint Who Had a Bad Clientele 150
Like Silver Slag on a Hot Plate 152
Practicing for Judgment Day 155
The Scapegoat that would Rather have been Something Else 159
I Pledge my Soul as Guarantee 162
The Redeemer Wants no More Miracles Performed 169
Don't ever Forget, Boy Genaro, We Are Yo
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Colección: Tezontle

Formato: Empastado; 14 x 22 cm., 177 pp.

Primera edición: 2007

Última edición: 2007